The Characters are listen in order of who was created first and thought of first, not who is more important to the story.

Characters Descriptions Positions
Mou Ashmantle Mou was for his whole life, living with his Grandfather as it was unknown to what happened to his parents, when his Grandfather passed away, he could no longer rely on him and proceed to follow his dreams to become an Adventurer. Lead Main Character
Etia Eita was Goddess Of Freedom,  She was famous amongst the first Generations of Gods and Goddess as she introduced the new world system to others. But was long forgotten after the Gods descends down from Heaven. Main Character
Mou’s Grandfather For his life is unknown to do the fact that he did not had much time recorded with Mou, but Mou knew him very well through the stories he told that was in his aspect along with his thoughts, but we do know that his life changed forever when he took Mou in. Side Character