Chapter 1 (Prologue)

– All from the Beginning –

A long, long time ago! When the world was about to take its step forward to its future, the Gods and Goddess saw what to become of it, people killing for such resources like Gold, Silver and Copper while others for Lands and Territory, the gods could not just let this go on as they are the Creators. So one day, a Goddess of Freedom that goes by the name of Etia discovered a way both how they can minimized the possibility of what is to come and yet still secure the future for the next generations, a plan of recreation!

As normal people goes by their everyday lives, one night. The lands started shaking, pieces of lands moving and a new rises! No one was harmed while on the gods watches, but the people were often lost while finding food as the process took 2 months before it stopped moving. The world we know today was formed, as people panicked the gods used the Worlds Gate to cross from Heaven to Athaerus which is our world. To ensure our safety and nothing to worry about, as no one would trust them, they showed proof by using extraordinary Powers that came with the Title each and every one of them have. People were quick to believe and more Gods and Goddess used the Worlds Gate to come down being confident of their works, until every last one of the Gods did, including the main and mighty ones like Zeus, Hera, Poseidon and more!

The people were quick to learn the new world System with the Gods guidance, no more Gods or Goddess was left in Heaven so the changes stays permanent. Every single Gods and Goddess did repeat the System to us for those of us who did not understand, The world was also recreated with several new things, each and every one of those stuff are connected to the system somehow. The Gods explained stuff ranging in order from Personal till the whole world.

First was our Career, how we can earn food and resources. The career starts off with stuff like Farmers and Traders, moving on to Services and such, but there was one career that seems to be catching every ones attentions. A type of job for those who seeks adventure, fame and riches while discovering the mystery, Adventurers! The system revolves around these adventurers too.

New things like Structures, Raises and Species were also created, species starts from random cute looking animals you see around then pets and companions till Beast like monsters roaming the lands. Monsters that are meant to be kill will usually disappear in seconds after their death along with drops while pets and companions drop a reminder for their owners after death, disappearing depends on the type of companions you have.

New structures like Huge Cities are all over the world, huge cities are built on lands that are claimed by each of the different main Gods, this is where the Territory system was introduced, if a land is claimed by the Gods, no enemies like Beast nor Monster shall get near the lands, which is why the Cities are Secure, lands such as Forest and Dry Lands aren’t claimed, do to this, it is Enemies Territory, danger levels range from how far away the lands is from each Cities, People were also allowed to buy building or build a new in the Cities with the Terms and Conditions each city has.

Raises like Elves and Dwarves are also found, it goes even deeper into that like Dark Elves and Woodlands Elf, Angels and Spirits are hard to find but also known to be discovered. It is even possible to have mixed raise as in these days, is what has taken the most population of the people in the cities.

Every Career has a Guild, such like Trading’s Inc. And Adventurers Guild, guilds are created by normal people with the specific needs that are needed, with this, Guild Halls are allowed to be built on each Cities meaning that’s where each Guild originated from, the Guild will then own areas around their Hall in the Cities where they can have their own Terms and Conditions but those also have to follow the rules and Terms for that Cities, different cities don’t differ much on Rules nor Terms and Conditions, when people buy a house, they own that part of the land which also have Terms and Conditions which obeys the Guild Rules and the Cities Rules.

The goal is Teamwork as the path to success alone is hard with this new system, the system mostly relies on the Adventurers, they are those who hunts down Monsters and sell items and drops that they found from the Beast to the Traders or Buyers then the Traders sell them to the Sellers. In cities, we are safe from Monsters, but people may also turn against us, such as Dark Guilds, this defy the reasons why the systems are here in the first place and all Gods had left Heaven, so no one could change this problem in the system, but people are respectful these days and the only deaths so far happens outside the Cities as Adventurers put their lives on the line every time they go out to work.

Adventurers consist of multiple classes, main ones like Mages and Warriors until you Rank up and are able to evolve deeper into your class, everyone has Stats, and even none Adventurers has them. Peoples stats usual gets better to fit them for their jobs, the more they train in a way that their jobs follows, the better they are, stats consist of such like Strength and Agility.

The system also requires Gods and Goddess in your life, you are required to join a God’s familia do to the fact that stats only improves when you’re in one and most stuff you will do is required to be in one, you have the options to choose who to follow but at the same time, the gods have the option to not accept you, this choice will depend on who you work with and what Guild you are allowed to join.

Stats can be checked by the Gods with required Items, this is to prevent any unwanted leaked information about you, when you join a familia, you can choose places for where you want your stats to show when implied with items, such common places are back, arms, chest and shoulders as these places are big enough to show the stats clearly.

Of course I only had heard this from a story passed down from Generations and off, of also what I know. But this is my Story and I am telling it my way, on how I, Mou Ashmantle, became the world most famous Adventurer!


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